Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have what I suspect to be a sugar hangover. Granted, I was drinking the night before, but not enough to warrant feeling this lousy. And it’s a different sort of lousy than your usual “my guts are churning my head is throbbing” type that is the aftermath of a serious night on the juice. This sort of lousy is – well, just gross. In fact it’s possibly worse than the R18 variety. This is serious R8 stuff, the last time I remember having a sugar hangover was after one of the regular pre-teen sweet laden sleepovers we used to have.

My sugar hangover arose from a night on the town with the girls (grown up now). After a bottle of champagne or two my stomach and I realised I had missed dinner, so we grabbed an emergency bubble tea. For those of you who haven’t discovered bubble tea yet, it is a must try for anyone interested in a strange Asian textural experience. Now the problem with bubble tea – or should I say the brilliance – is the cup sizing in that the end comes too soon, leaving you wanting more. So after a few more bars I found myself wandering home past the bubble tea shop again. And so again I went in. They looked at me very strangely in there, having seen me just a few brief hours earlier. The second bubble tea never tastes as good as the first, and halfway through the second you are feeling slightly ill, the precious pearls at the bottom have lost their lustre and are not nearly as precious or appetising as they used to be. By the time you get three quarters down you’re battling, the pearls reveal themselves as the stodgy mess they are, and the sweet milky flavour cloys the throat.

Feeling full of regret I sodded off to bed, only to wake this morning with more feelings of regret – in my head, gut, and depleted energy levels. I feel like a limp carrot – you know the one that’s in the back of your vegetable drawer? My skin is much like a limp carrot too, grey, dry and slightly wrinkly on the surface. Fast tracking my memory back I try to recount how I coped in those pre-teen days. I seem to recall that the “day after” was always spent much like it is these adult days, flat on my back on the couch recovering. While couches are lovely, I have decided a detox will be instigated to flush my poor body from those sugary bubble tea toxins – vegetables, fruit and herbal tea will be the order of the day, and lots and lots of water. I’m definitely not about to overdose on sugar again in a hurry, I’ll stick to the other hangovers thanks.

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