Monday, April 27, 2009

Power Women at Bec & Bridge

The catwalk at the Bec & Bridge show was in the shape of a T with three entrances, proving the model's professional skills as they negotiated each other at the T intersection. They came out of each door at breakneck speed, and the nail-biting risk of their carefully choreographed routine seemed to emphasise the strong-woman atmosphere of the collection.

What followed was a presentation of sensual strength and prowess, full of flowing fabrics cinched in at the waist by dominating belts, body con dresses and gold fringe detailing. Of special note were the fantastic fringed cuffs, bold in gold and very gladiator-ish.

Look out for crochet as a major trend next summer - in fact any sort of knit with a see-through element is going to be big. See Zambesi current collection knitwear and Kate Sylvester's pink sweaters for inspiration.

Fringe detailing at Bec & Bridge
Images thanks to Getty Images

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