Monday, April 27, 2009


Again I'm in second-to-front row, with a goody bag. I look behind me this time, expecting this show to also be a mish-mash of heirachy, but no, only the front two rows have the bags. Wow! What did I do to pull? A real computer malfunction this time? I put on my dark glasses and pretend that I'm famous too.
Oh oh oh, crop tops again. Teamed with high waisted shorts in Lee SuperTubes colours (remember them?). And something we haven't seen yet - clean denim. That's right folks, not a distress in sight. There were elements of this show that was really 90's, coloured denim belted high on the waist, and button down collared shirts. Lets not forget the linen peg-legged high waisted trousers in a pale peach. But all was done well and the hair was gorgeous and simple, and even though most of us will deny our wardrobes the 90's combo shown below, there are some of us who will not resist emulating.
Photographs thank you Getty Images

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