Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lonely Hearts Club Lookbook

Lonely Hearts club have done it better, bolder, sexier and cleverer than ever before. Proving that they are key players in the NZ fashion industry, they came out with beautiful layering, sheers and knits for winter next year. I'm proud to see it features our favourite model Nicole Clulee of Red Eleven! A (faux) fur coat is going to be the trend staple of winter as seen on the runway at Sera Lilly, Stitch ministry, Barbara Lee, and here at Lonely Hearts. Get buying!

Spotted at NZFW

Thanks to the the girls' super crush on cute boy in hat, we managed to get these four stunners together for a photo op. Have you ever seen such a beautiful gang? I don't think it's coincidence that they are all part Maori. Fourteen year old Laken (far right) is set to make waves overseas very soon - let's just let her enjoy some teen life first.

I can see why the girls were overcome, us nanas were quite taken as well!

And how can we forget meeting Rhys Darby at Federation? Pity he refused to give us a roll call - he's not a dancing monkey. Both us and he agreed that his wife was funnier than him!

Final Day - NZFW

Slightly more low key day today, with Stitch Ministry, Federation, A*Muse, and Huffer; and followed by the long awaited Designer Garage Sale. Wow - a bargain hunters' dream, I picked up some mad and vibrant pieces to costume up my wardrobe.

The gorgeous girls from Oyl gifted me these fabulous mesh charcoal leggings from their yet to be released winter range. Find them in stores early next year.

Everyone loved Sams' sequin pants, including the greasy businessmen slurping Moet outside the cutting room.

Models do read - and in cute World velvet pants too

Hair and makeup from one of the shows

Photography pit at Federation.

Waiting for their show to begin

Passion for Fashion - Day 3 NZFW

A mad busy day - MiroModa, Starfish, Emma Ford, Trix and Dandy, Chapel, Hailwood... but the highlight of the day and week was Stolen Girlfriends Club. Held in a masonic lodge in Newton, the show was so popular that we were jammed in like cattle. There was no room for divas in this show.

What we wore:

The highlight for some was Pammy and her gender confuddled sidekick in their press conference in the Moet lounge. What a giggly and amusing pair. Pity the New Zealand media were too star struck and offended by the celebrity couple to ask any interesting questions. I understand that Richie was very disappointeed. I don't blame him, it was quite embarrasing how closed minded the media were. Lighten up guys. As Richie and Pammy would say, "We just want to have fun and be happy". And yes, Pamela was naked but for a scarf.


At Barbara Lee


Cute kids of the day:



Great looks at Stolen Girlfriends

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Outfit Day 2

We took over Robert from Remixs studio spot in the GHD room and had a bit of fun. Thanks Robert!

Playing dress-ups at Sera Lily - the jacket is made all of moss green sequins. Beautiful.

Sam rocking her slasher leggings

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day Two - the outfits

Me and the "Kimi" necklace (please excuse the squinting, staring into the sun and trying to keep hair off face = rather tricky)

Samantha and her fantastic shoes. MAC even made a lipstick in the same colour - just for her!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fashion Week - Le Grand Opening

The opening celebration was held at the NZ fashion week sheds at the viaduct in Auckland. Moet and Ned wines were the sponsors of drink, though only Moet seemed to be drunk - it flowed like a river, poured over-excitedly by untrained waiters. Needless to say there were a few Moet drenched Jimmy Choos about. Speaking of shoes, one could have had a great time that night staring only at the floor - the shoes were fabulous and fiercely competitive. And the snobbery rivaled the shoes, with the Auckland "It" crowd residing in one corner of the room only. Woe betide anyone who overstepped their line without the latest SGC piece on. Speaking of pieces, the best piece of the night, and possibly the entire week was seeing this LV leather link necklace in the flesh. After dribbling over images of it on the runway for so long I was quite star-struck to meet it in the flesh. I just wish I could have shook its' hand.

Congratulations to Rachel and Anjali of Twenty-Seven-Names who won the big prize for their Runway to Runway Air New Zealand Entry. The squeal of surprised delight from behind us when they won was immense - what a well-deserved win from the hardest working girls in fashion.

Speaking of Twenty-Seven-Names, I met the famed Rumi of Fashion Toast blog who has been brought over from America to attend NZFW this year. She raves about their collection and tells me she is already wearing their pieces. This can only mean good things for New Zealand Fashion. The fact that she is already a big fan of Stolen Girlfriends tells us we are on the right track, as anything that girl wears becomes the next big thing...make way for New Zealand Designer world domination.

And who can forget the lovely Keisha Castle-Hughes, spotted at Process' showing of Lonely Hearts video installation. I have one thing to say about their upcoming winter collection: Must Buy. Who ever thought of pastels, blues and yellows for winter? Genius.