Saturday, September 26, 2009

Passion for Fashion - Day 3 NZFW

A mad busy day - MiroModa, Starfish, Emma Ford, Trix and Dandy, Chapel, Hailwood... but the highlight of the day and week was Stolen Girlfriends Club. Held in a masonic lodge in Newton, the show was so popular that we were jammed in like cattle. There was no room for divas in this show.

What we wore:

The highlight for some was Pammy and her gender confuddled sidekick in their press conference in the Moet lounge. What a giggly and amusing pair. Pity the New Zealand media were too star struck and offended by the celebrity couple to ask any interesting questions. I understand that Richie was very disappointeed. I don't blame him, it was quite embarrasing how closed minded the media were. Lighten up guys. As Richie and Pammy would say, "We just want to have fun and be happy". And yes, Pamela was naked but for a scarf.


At Barbara Lee


Cute kids of the day:



Great looks at Stolen Girlfriends

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