Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Fancy..

I fancy being a bit of an agony aunt this week, so send me your fashion dramas, questions and dilemmas and I'll do my damnest to answer them for you. Best ones will go on the blog. XX B

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inspiration station - Pastel power

Peachy power

It's a little bit ladylike and a little bit tough. Roughness doesn't only come in black - experiment with leather, feathers, fringing and metal hardware in browns, creams and statement making blues.

Peachy power - by Bronwilliams on

You make me cry

Riding the motorbike back home after a man-stressed morning, I saw this work of art on the fenceline. What a poignant image, I'm not much of a sobber but it truly brought tears to my peepers. Whoever did this is a genius - and right at the big traffic lights too. I wonder how many hundreds have been touched by this statement this morning.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

They're Back...

..And badder than ever. The Eighties.
More proof that fashion does indeed work in cycles. This is the grandaddy of all trend resurgences, in the form of Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 09/10 collection.
This collection has left me somewhat speechless, in one of those "It's so awful that it's fascinating" moments. But I do cheer Jacobs on for the bravery, and he is right in noticing that we are rapidly drifting towards this style era whether consciously or not. From chains, leather, PVC pants, fetish shoes, slasher looks and wide-shouldered silhouettes, it is only natural that we transgress to a bit of pink and bad hair too.

To give the man some credit, a few of the looks are actually wearable, in fact I'm digging this one below - bold jodphur pants, and the accessories are definitely worth getting excited about. These sunglasses are on my wish list for next Summer.

This last look is also very wearable, and funnily enough has a certain D&G Fall 2008 Queenie feel about it. Who have you been partying with, Mr. Jacobs?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jewel watch

I am lusting over Australian Jeweller William Llewellyn Griffiths' work. Let yourself be taken back to the stories of old and get overcome by Gothic romanticism when you check out his pieces at Life will never be boring again.

Cinema Paradiso x Motown

image from Glasgowmods
In the middle of the gardens last night watching a film under the open sky, and it felt like something straight out of Cinema Paradiso. Except it wasn't Italian, it was Motown. Standing in the Shadows of Motown left me a-toe tapping, a-leg jiggling and immensely inspired by their slick cool style. How many of the audience from last night are down in Slow Boat today buying Motown records I don't know, but I'll be taking tips from The Funk Brothers' wardrobes in a slim silhouette, polished kicks, clean lines, and a wrapping of dark shades.

Baby It's Gonna Get Cold Out

Who would have thought that I would be dreaming of winter, but after seeing the fall collections I can't help but be excited about the forecoming drop in temperature. I have already ordered my winter boots, which will arrive early enough to get some transit season wear - summer dresses and layers here I come!
Here are a few of my favourite things to get you started too:
1. Chanel gloves
2. Alexander McQueen tote
3. Barbara Bui booties from
4. Chanel Vendetta nail colour
5. Silver, amber and gold ring by William Llewellyn Griffiths (
6. Camilla Skovgaard shoes from
7. Phi pre-fall collection (

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What you need for winter

Let's have some fun this winter and play with proportion in massive scarves. Doll up your eyes all lovely and peek them out from immense folds of fabric - this is one trend that benefits from the bigger, the better.

Images from The Sartorialist and Facehunter