Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You'll be Wanting Kate Sylvester

Drawing inspiration from hiking in the wilderness - the Routeburn, to be precise - Kate Sylvester's summer collection was en route to adventure and discovery.

While the clothing was all gorgeous and very wearable, the accessories were what we were all crowing about. Explorer backpacks glowed vibrantly in primary coloured silks, and Doc Martin boots were customised with car paint in matte blue, red, green and yellow, and glossy grey. Fimo toy necklaces displayed the trophies of prehistoric excursions in the form of dinosaur teeth and mini bones. The most statement accessories however, were Sylvester's many different takes on the tramping gaiter. The gaiters were long, short, in modern MacPac style and in raw linen army chap form. Also in raw linen were full brim explorer hats, perfect for fighting off those summer rays. As for the menswear, expect your boyfriends to all be sporting dinosaur motifs this summer.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ellery Wins the Pageant

Held off site in a cavernous warehouse in Waterloo, Ellery had us waiting outside in the cold and crowding the street for an hour and a half. Thoughtfully, handsome waiters were sent out bearing trays of Absolut vodka cocktails to keep us entertained.

The collection was full of detail and featured near knicker exposing skirt lengths, strong Balmain inspired military shoulders, nipped in waists decorated with thin patent belts, and masses of fine gold chain tasselling adorning pockets, shoulders and breasts. Heavy upholstery cloth was used to create volume and sculpture, contrasted with sheer fabrics in chiffon and surprisingly sexy blue lace.

The hair was beautifully done in a mock Alice Dellal style, with a french plait running from one ear around the back of the head to give the illusion of it being short on one side. The makeup was exciting, with beautiful peach toned lips and Cleopatra eyes.

The jodphur/harem trend was inescapable, but Ellery gave the feminine folds a tough-girl twist with light chains and heavy gold zips.

In an ironic move due to the timing of the recent Miss Universe New Zealand , the show had a pageant theme running through. The final models came out in sashes and bearing bouquets.

The Shoes were worth mentioning, and adding to your wardrobe. My favourite was the clear perspex booties, extra sassy with its gold block heel detail, and looking suspiciously like a lipstick in its case.


While elements of the Zambesi collection were their tried and true style, there was a lot that was new and interesting. The injections of bold colour are sure to shake up the die hard Gothic Kiwi fans, while the innovative re-presentation of classics will have them itching with excitement. There was a balancing act of sheer, shiny and matt fabrics, right down to the two-tones patent and matt leather brogues. Shirts were worn loose, and the pants were slouchy with a slightly dropped crotch.

And wait for it...
His and hers matching suits. Brilliant.

Photographs courtesy of Getty Images

Dramatic As Only Fashion Can Be - Powerless at Zimmerman

A city wide power outage occurred as we were filing in for the Zimmerman show. All fashion week shows were then postponed until the power came back on. Luckily the shortage lasted only an hour, long enough to have a drink or three in the Rosemount Wine Bar. The collection that was finally shown was well worth the wait.

Zimmerman's summer colour palate was a refreshing change from the jarring brights we have seen from them in the past. What was presented felt more grown up, more refined, and very classy. We saw Grecian folds of fabric in warm creams and light earth tones, muted Nana-inspired florals, and a brilliantly refined version of their flesh exposing strapping that was noticeable on their bikinis last year.

Although I loved almost all from this collection, my wish list features these pants. The origami folding to expose the the legs is beautiful. I wonder if they do them in black?
Images thanks to Getty Images

Monday, April 27, 2009

All Snapped Up

In the line for Illionare I was accosted by the lovely Eddie from Style Sightings, and dragged off to the waterfront for an impromptu photo shoot. What fun! I was wearing one of my outfits by Kilt - perfection. Keep an eye out on for me, he also shoots Tallulah Morton and Paris Hilton!

There is Treasure

This is the pile of presents gathered from my travels today. And it's only the first day! If it goes on like this I may have to bring home another suitcase!


Again I'm in second-to-front row, with a goody bag. I look behind me this time, expecting this show to also be a mish-mash of heirachy, but no, only the front two rows have the bags. Wow! What did I do to pull? A real computer malfunction this time? I put on my dark glasses and pretend that I'm famous too.
Oh oh oh, crop tops again. Teamed with high waisted shorts in Lee SuperTubes colours (remember them?). And something we haven't seen yet - clean denim. That's right folks, not a distress in sight. There were elements of this show that was really 90's, coloured denim belted high on the waist, and button down collared shirts. Lets not forget the linen peg-legged high waisted trousers in a pale peach. But all was done well and the hair was gorgeous and simple, and even though most of us will deny our wardrobes the 90's combo shown below, there are some of us who will not resist emulating.
Photographs thank you Getty Images

A Little Story From RTW

For some bizarre reason I find myself seated second-to-front-row for the Ready To Wear show. On my seat is a goody bag. WHAT? Upon inspection of my pass, I notice that I have this amazing seat for all three RTW shows this week. Nestled around me are all the celebrities - none of which I recognise being a Kiwi - and the editors of the top magazines. There surely must have been a computer malfunction when they allocated my seat, but I'm not complaining and I sit back and enjoy the show.

The new Louis Vuitton jewelled leather heels (2 pairs!) on front row. And 2 Birkins - one tan, one green.

Some major issues with footwear in the SU show, one poor model clearly sliding out of a pair three times too large for her, and another with an oh-so-fierce Tyra stride having a stumble on hers.

Comically enough, as we filed out after the RTW show I realised that everyone in the audience had a goody bag for this show - there was none of the usual fashion hierarchy in the seating plan. Turns out all those celebs were probably just well dressed bloggers after all! At least I got my ten minutes of self-importance, even if it was due to ignorance!

Ginger & Smart Did a Kite Runner

Ginger & Smart were all about kites and it was beautiful. As the statement kite bearing model sashayed down the runway, a frenzy of clicking from the photographer's pit could be heard.

Silk featured prominently, and the bold and bright colours stood out against a background of black. Silhouettes flowed like the silk they were vastly made of, but nicely juxtaposed with heavy hardware and skin tight leggings.

My favourite piece by far was the body jewellery, give thanks to Alexander Wang who sent this down the runway last year - what a genius.

Images thanks to Getty Images

Power Women at Bec & Bridge

The catwalk at the Bec & Bridge show was in the shape of a T with three entrances, proving the model's professional skills as they negotiated each other at the T intersection. They came out of each door at breakneck speed, and the nail-biting risk of their carefully choreographed routine seemed to emphasise the strong-woman atmosphere of the collection.

What followed was a presentation of sensual strength and prowess, full of flowing fabrics cinched in at the waist by dominating belts, body con dresses and gold fringe detailing. Of special note were the fantastic fringed cuffs, bold in gold and very gladiator-ish.

Look out for crochet as a major trend next summer - in fact any sort of knit with a see-through element is going to be big. See Zambesi current collection knitwear and Kate Sylvester's pink sweaters for inspiration.

Fringe detailing at Bec & Bridge
Images thanks to Getty Images

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Camilla and Marc do Cream and Sex

I am looking forward to a sexy summer with Camilla and Marc.

Universally, summer trends seem to be all about plays of proportion, and Camilla and Marc's latest collection is a sure affirmation to this. In typical Australian style, this collection was laid back and light in spirit.

Beauty Note:
The model's hair was worn down, and worn natural, tousled and loose. Makeup was natural overall, with the accent of cat's-eye flicks of eyeliner on the top lids.

Looks were accessorised with heavy gold chain belts worn low on the hips, and knuckle duster sized cocktail rings. Sky high ankle booties with needle point heels were presented in nude tan, patent black, and wild animal print.

The peg-leg trouser trend looks like it's a keeper, but Camilla and Marc thoughtfully gave it to us in a cool nude tone for those hot hot days ahead.

As in my past blog post from recently, cropped tops are creeping back. Here we are given a refreshing styling option to wear our cropped tops with a sheer layer beneath them - giving a hint of bare midriff without the brash 1980's skin flashing. Perfect for those of us without a set of rock solid abs.

Don't chuck out your distressed denim cut-offs yet, but store them in the back of your drawer until the weather warms. This coming season however, that universal rule of proportion comes into play - the rule is to "break the rules". Those uber casual shorts will be teamed with luxe fabrics, structured blazers, and glammy heels in boot or platform style.

See? Told you the low waist was back. But none of that muffin-top overflow that was the early 2000's, this family of denim is slouchy, highly distressed, and big big big. But again - the proportion rule - it's dressed up with heels, slim silhouettes on the top half, and glitzy accessories.

Images curtesy of Getty Images


Have just been to the Camilla & Marc show - brilliant!

Will post up details and (hopefully) pics tonight - in the mean time go out and buy yourself some baggy jeans - low waists are back!

Am late for Bec & Bridge


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good Morning Big City

I have woken up. I am in Sydney, the sun is shining, the birds aren't tweeting but the streets are definitely bustling. My lovely hotel is situated smack in the middle of town, giving me a great view of people meandering through Hyde Park. This is what is out my window:

Great I have a bathroom
I'm still chuckling with excitement over the BEAUTIFUL clothes that Kilt have lent me, there are so many and they are oh so slinky. Here are a few of them on their hangers:

It's going to be very hard to hand back the black embellished tunic - very covetable.

The invites are arriving and they have really made my day - receiving shiny bits of paper and intricately printed card in the post is bound to make anyone feel special:

I'm off to forage the streets for real coffee - mustn't miss my Sunday ritual of newspaper and caffeine just because I'm somewhere new... I wonder if their Sunday paper has a Shoe of the Week?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

So I'm going here...

... to see this:
(Australian Fashion Week)

...I'm wearing clothes by these guys:
(Blak clothing)

...I'm staying here:
(Central Park Hotel)

...On behalf of this:
(Lucire magazine)

(anyone wanna come too?)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

They love us over there, they do

You know you're hot when the fashion bloggers get into you - Rumi from Fashion Toast has been raving about Stolen Girlfriends Club, and New Zealand designers in general. Check out the post where she wears a SGC ripped dress:

Considering her mass following, anyone wanting free publicity to thousands of young wealthy fashionistas should be sending their samples her way, by the looks of it she happily accepts freebies - and blogs about them too!

Image: Stolen Girlfriends Club

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fashion Crash-test Dummy - midriff bares all

This isn't Zara Mirkin. This is Rumi from Fashion Toast

This is Zara Mirkin

Thanks to Zara Mirkin, belly baring is back. With fashions’ current obsession with the eighties, it was bound to happen sometime soon. While Zara has been hanging about with her belly out for a while now, this is a look that we are expecting to explode onto the streets come summer 09/10.

The last time we saw a bit of mid-section flesh flashing was when jeans had low waists – wow remember that? All those seasons ago when the phrase “muffin top” was commonly used. The current tummy trend however, is of a different variety. This time round the trousers are higher, and the cropped tops are generally worn loose. It’s a difficult look, and one that has to be pulled off with attitude and abs of steel. I don’t have abs of steel, but attitude is something I can do.

I attempted a dress rehearsal of the cropped top after getting inspired by some of the American fashion bloggers. Lucky for them it is spring over there at the moment. The great thing about this look is that you don’t have to buy it – in fact the coolest looking crop tops are made from grotty old cottons. I stood in my plain white singlet (an old goody from Jay Jays if you must know) in front of the mirror and gleefully hacked at it with scissors. It was very liberating to slice at something with such reckless abandon, it felt like being a teenage punk again.

Feeling brash, I pulled on a pair of until then never worn high waisted red skinny jeans, and, with attitude in mind added my sky high bogan ankle boots with studded harnesses attached. I went out. I was cold but I felt hot. I got a lot of stares and a lot of comments. I also got tired stomach muscles from sucking it in all the time. Does Zara get a sore tum I wonder? Or does she just give up worrying and let it all out? I should interview her and ask.

I’m a bit hooked on my white rag of cropped cotton now; tomorrow I’ll be trying it with high waisted skirts. Stuff winter, I’ll just wear tights.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have what I suspect to be a sugar hangover. Granted, I was drinking the night before, but not enough to warrant feeling this lousy. And it’s a different sort of lousy than your usual “my guts are churning my head is throbbing” type that is the aftermath of a serious night on the juice. This sort of lousy is – well, just gross. In fact it’s possibly worse than the R18 variety. This is serious R8 stuff, the last time I remember having a sugar hangover was after one of the regular pre-teen sweet laden sleepovers we used to have.

My sugar hangover arose from a night on the town with the girls (grown up now). After a bottle of champagne or two my stomach and I realised I had missed dinner, so we grabbed an emergency bubble tea. For those of you who haven’t discovered bubble tea yet, it is a must try for anyone interested in a strange Asian textural experience. Now the problem with bubble tea – or should I say the brilliance – is the cup sizing in that the end comes too soon, leaving you wanting more. So after a few more bars I found myself wandering home past the bubble tea shop again. And so again I went in. They looked at me very strangely in there, having seen me just a few brief hours earlier. The second bubble tea never tastes as good as the first, and halfway through the second you are feeling slightly ill, the precious pearls at the bottom have lost their lustre and are not nearly as precious or appetising as they used to be. By the time you get three quarters down you’re battling, the pearls reveal themselves as the stodgy mess they are, and the sweet milky flavour cloys the throat.

Feeling full of regret I sodded off to bed, only to wake this morning with more feelings of regret – in my head, gut, and depleted energy levels. I feel like a limp carrot – you know the one that’s in the back of your vegetable drawer? My skin is much like a limp carrot too, grey, dry and slightly wrinkly on the surface. Fast tracking my memory back I try to recount how I coped in those pre-teen days. I seem to recall that the “day after” was always spent much like it is these adult days, flat on my back on the couch recovering. While couches are lovely, I have decided a detox will be instigated to flush my poor body from those sugary bubble tea toxins – vegetables, fruit and herbal tea will be the order of the day, and lots and lots of water. I’m definitely not about to overdose on sugar again in a hurry, I’ll stick to the other hangovers thanks.

Image from agapetea