Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good Morning Big City

I have woken up. I am in Sydney, the sun is shining, the birds aren't tweeting but the streets are definitely bustling. My lovely hotel is situated smack in the middle of town, giving me a great view of people meandering through Hyde Park. This is what is out my window:

Great I have a bathroom
I'm still chuckling with excitement over the BEAUTIFUL clothes that Kilt have lent me, there are so many and they are oh so slinky. Here are a few of them on their hangers:

It's going to be very hard to hand back the black embellished tunic - very covetable.

The invites are arriving and they have really made my day - receiving shiny bits of paper and intricately printed card in the post is bound to make anyone feel special:

I'm off to forage the streets for real coffee - mustn't miss my Sunday ritual of newspaper and caffeine just because I'm somewhere new... I wonder if their Sunday paper has a Shoe of the Week?

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