Monday, April 27, 2009

A Little Story From RTW

For some bizarre reason I find myself seated second-to-front-row for the Ready To Wear show. On my seat is a goody bag. WHAT? Upon inspection of my pass, I notice that I have this amazing seat for all three RTW shows this week. Nestled around me are all the celebrities - none of which I recognise being a Kiwi - and the editors of the top magazines. There surely must have been a computer malfunction when they allocated my seat, but I'm not complaining and I sit back and enjoy the show.

The new Louis Vuitton jewelled leather heels (2 pairs!) on front row. And 2 Birkins - one tan, one green.

Some major issues with footwear in the SU show, one poor model clearly sliding out of a pair three times too large for her, and another with an oh-so-fierce Tyra stride having a stumble on hers.

Comically enough, as we filed out after the RTW show I realised that everyone in the audience had a goody bag for this show - there was none of the usual fashion hierarchy in the seating plan. Turns out all those celebs were probably just well dressed bloggers after all! At least I got my ten minutes of self-importance, even if it was due to ignorance!

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