Friday, April 3, 2009

Child Fashion Prodigy?

Check out Tavi, the new girl in town. A twelve year old American fashion blogger with an opinion and insight to rival Anna Wintour. You must see it to believe it, she is truly amazing. Never in my life did I expect to be getting style advice from a pre-teen, let alone be completely in awe of her! Add her to your favourites - this girl is going places.

Just a sneak peek - this is an extract from her latest video piece: Bold!
"Balmain is a look. I'm sorry - it's not much more than that. We understand that you are very chic, and you are fun, and the people that wear your clothes like partying, but you can't do the 80s four seasons in a row unless you are making all of them different. If you put Christpoher Decarnins past 3 seasons next to each other and mixed up all the looks, they would all look the same. I just don't get anything new from him."

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