Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fashion Crash-test Dummy - midriff bares all

This isn't Zara Mirkin. This is Rumi from Fashion Toast

This is Zara Mirkin

Thanks to Zara Mirkin, belly baring is back. With fashions’ current obsession with the eighties, it was bound to happen sometime soon. While Zara has been hanging about with her belly out for a while now, this is a look that we are expecting to explode onto the streets come summer 09/10.

The last time we saw a bit of mid-section flesh flashing was when jeans had low waists – wow remember that? All those seasons ago when the phrase “muffin top” was commonly used. The current tummy trend however, is of a different variety. This time round the trousers are higher, and the cropped tops are generally worn loose. It’s a difficult look, and one that has to be pulled off with attitude and abs of steel. I don’t have abs of steel, but attitude is something I can do.

I attempted a dress rehearsal of the cropped top after getting inspired by some of the American fashion bloggers. Lucky for them it is spring over there at the moment. The great thing about this look is that you don’t have to buy it – in fact the coolest looking crop tops are made from grotty old cottons. I stood in my plain white singlet (an old goody from Jay Jays if you must know) in front of the mirror and gleefully hacked at it with scissors. It was very liberating to slice at something with such reckless abandon, it felt like being a teenage punk again.

Feeling brash, I pulled on a pair of until then never worn high waisted red skinny jeans, and, with attitude in mind added my sky high bogan ankle boots with studded harnesses attached. I went out. I was cold but I felt hot. I got a lot of stares and a lot of comments. I also got tired stomach muscles from sucking it in all the time. Does Zara get a sore tum I wonder? Or does she just give up worrying and let it all out? I should interview her and ask.

I’m a bit hooked on my white rag of cropped cotton now; tomorrow I’ll be trying it with high waisted skirts. Stuff winter, I’ll just wear tights.

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