Sunday, April 26, 2009

Camilla and Marc do Cream and Sex

I am looking forward to a sexy summer with Camilla and Marc.

Universally, summer trends seem to be all about plays of proportion, and Camilla and Marc's latest collection is a sure affirmation to this. In typical Australian style, this collection was laid back and light in spirit.

Beauty Note:
The model's hair was worn down, and worn natural, tousled and loose. Makeup was natural overall, with the accent of cat's-eye flicks of eyeliner on the top lids.

Looks were accessorised with heavy gold chain belts worn low on the hips, and knuckle duster sized cocktail rings. Sky high ankle booties with needle point heels were presented in nude tan, patent black, and wild animal print.

The peg-leg trouser trend looks like it's a keeper, but Camilla and Marc thoughtfully gave it to us in a cool nude tone for those hot hot days ahead.

As in my past blog post from recently, cropped tops are creeping back. Here we are given a refreshing styling option to wear our cropped tops with a sheer layer beneath them - giving a hint of bare midriff without the brash 1980's skin flashing. Perfect for those of us without a set of rock solid abs.

Don't chuck out your distressed denim cut-offs yet, but store them in the back of your drawer until the weather warms. This coming season however, that universal rule of proportion comes into play - the rule is to "break the rules". Those uber casual shorts will be teamed with luxe fabrics, structured blazers, and glammy heels in boot or platform style.

See? Told you the low waist was back. But none of that muffin-top overflow that was the early 2000's, this family of denim is slouchy, highly distressed, and big big big. But again - the proportion rule - it's dressed up with heels, slim silhouettes on the top half, and glitzy accessories.

Images curtesy of Getty Images

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