Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How To - this is the new self help

How to feel good about yourself when you’re not feeling good about yourself:

Have a backup “bad day” outfit on hand that you know makes you look great, for those heavy period days, hung over days, or boyfriend-just-broke-up-with-you days. Wear the outfit only when you are in your most dire of straits. My bad day outfit looks like this: my best bum jeans, comfy wedges, slim-fit singlet and a blazer with the sleeves rolled up. Chic, but relaxed. If I’m having an entire bad week, I simply change the singlet daily, so nobody guesses that I’m secretly falling to pieces.

Cull your wardrobe. It’s a double whammy in that it is like an emotional detox, and you get that warm fuzzy do-gooder feeling inside when you drop it all off at the Sallies.

Book yourself in for a massage. Sounds overly self indulgent I know, but half an hour spent with a masseuse in training from the school of massage does wonders for your stress levels and self esteem, and not much to your pocket. If you are flush enough to go to the established pros then by all means splash out, but $15 at the school of massage is pretty hard to pass up.

Run away on a wet afternoon to the local library and immerse yourself in unusual hobby magazines – the more bizarre, the better. It can be highly amusing and escapist to explore other peoples’ strange obsessions, and who knows – you may be sufficiently inspired to take up crocheting picture frames yourself.

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