Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good god! I'm in lust

Are you feeling the oonst oonst?
These beauties were unearthed when my flatmate was rifling through boxes from her past life. Costing more than a couple of hundred and worn only once, these would have been the cutting edge of style in 1998 - their date of purchase. Remember those days? The time of the dance party, 1998-2000, when every man and his dog were sodding off to London to earn big bucks and drop acid every weekend.
For those of us stuck back in little old NZ, the most we could do was buy the shoes, slip into our lycra cowl-neck dresses with strategic cutouts and dance in our bedrooms like it was 1999. Oonst oonst oonst...I'm blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dai...

1 comment:

  1. Oh, pre-Y2K... Nostalgia... Takes me back to my silver platform Chinese Laundry shoes and an oh-so-wrong purple Homecoming dress...

    The shoes are friggin' sweet, though.