Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How To: this is new self help 2

How to get a kick when you’re bored of life

Head down to the two dollar shop and choose the ugliest shade of nail polish imaginable. Take it home, apply to coats and snigger at yourself in the mirror. Then imagine the breed of person who actually likes that colour and snigger some more.

Ask the guy in a random shop/café for his number. Act entirely confident and most likely he will be so blown away by your boldness that, stammering somewhat, he will dutifully hand it over. Give him a smouldering look and leave, never to call him. Then you will know how guys feel when they never call you and say they will. What a fantastic power trip.

Call up your most rock and roll of friends and get hammered on a Monday night. Rebel.

Buy a two dollar scratchy, scrape away at half the card, and then throw the entire thing into the fire to burn. The frustration will make you feel alive.

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