Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fashion Crash Test Dummy - part 2

BODYSUITS - "Bodysuits are yeuck!" I used to say. Bringing to life images of sweaty crotches and those dirty domes between the legs, the bodysuits that festered in my mothers' drawer in the early nineties still haunt me. So it was indeed with challenge that I took it apon myself to test drive the trend this time around. In my research I found out that no one knows who invented bodysuits, but Donna Karan made them hip back in '85. If Donna Karan can do it, so can I.
I picked up a cute black number by Federation For Good, with what you might describe as Mickey Mouse-earred epaulette details on the shoulders. Slipping it on, I realised how great it really is to have a bodysuit under your pants. The look is clean-lined, wrinkle free and fits perfectly with this seasons' tucked-in and body-con trends.

On my first day of the bodysuit challenge I went a bit rock and roll, wearing it with some dark rinse slim denim, tough heeled sandals, and new necklace hardware from Ksubi. My mother saw me like this and let out a gasp "You're not wearing a bodysuit!" she exclaimed. After years of us kids badgering her to throw the dirty things out, she couldn't get her head around seeing me in one. "I should have held onto mine so you could have them" she said.
After a couple of days, I began to realise the practicality of the bodysuit, and found myself virtually living in it. I dressed it down in high waisted jeans (my other new love: see part 1) and preppy flats, and dressed it up in thigh skimming waisty skirts and boxy jackets. It worked a treat under my sheer tops, allowing me to experiment with layers without getting to bulky. I even tried to leave the house in the bodysuit alone, tights and boots but my conservative self wouldn't go that far. (For those brave enough to pull it off though it definitely looks cute).

To come to my conclusion I am sold on this trend, and a very happy customer. To try this look at home you don't have to buy the designers versions, although they sure are cool: but rootle around in the Sallies and find a (not so sweaty) retro number, or alternatively slip on your cutest vintage one-piece swimsuit and wear it out for the night with cute bottoms and a statement belt. Done and dusted.

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