Friday, December 12, 2008

Fashion Crash Test Dummy - part 1

I had a great time during Fashion Week this year. While I wasn’t one of those important enough to actually be in front row, I kept up with the shows from the comfort of my couch daily via the internet. Each day of Fashion Week was a bit like a birthday – the hours wouldn’t go fast enough to the end of the day, when I would charge through my front door, dumping bags and tearing at shoes to get to the computer for my daily fashion fix. All too soon it was over, and out came the reviews, the hits and misses, and the summaries of key trends for the season ahead.

HIGH WAIST, WIDE LEG - Summer may be wonderful, but with a new season comes new fashion trends, and the dilemma of how to wear them. And so, for the greater good, I decided to test run some of the key trends for the season ahead and let you know just how wearable they are. First to go into the lab was the high-waist flare trouser trend.

I admit I was slightly sceptical of this trend and not quite brave enough up until now, but I had to see what all the fuss was about. And fuss I did, when I slipped on my first pair of high waist flares by Lee.

Coming out of the changing room I was confronted by a startling sight - the slimming and bottom lifting effect was astronomical! Not to mention the new length of my legs. Because the jean starts at the top of the waist, it gives the illusion that your pins start there too.

I wore the jeans to work on a busy Monday, when my day evolves around running after small children. The high waist meant my tee stayed in and I never needed to re-tuck, and best of all I got no butt-crack when bending down to pick up screaming child, collect dropped toy, or wipe sick off the floor.

Monday night was 1+1=1 at Chow, famous for the delicious modern Asian food and equally famous for its stylish patrons. After a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove the food, paint, and sick of the day (god bless dark rinse denim), I wore my jeans with a sheer Cybele top tucked in, and my highest wedge heels, and felt suitably dressed for the part. My friends oohed over my new physique, and I’m proud to say my rear end got a lingering look from the cute waiter!

All in all I would have to report that this is a trend with serious staying power. If you would all get brave enough to try it, you too may be converted. What sight it would be to have a nation of lovely elevated butts this summer!

To be continued…

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