Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Like the rebirth of the slow food movement, there has been a global shift in attitudes towards the craftsmanship of lovingly, slowly produced quality clothing items.

Enter Andrew McDonald, representative of the slow shoe movement on the Australasian front, crafter of fine footwear.

Based in William Street in Sydney, McDonald and his small skilled team produce a range of Ready To Wear footwear each year, allowing you to buy directly from their Paddington store or online. Their fame however comes from their made to order service, measuring your foot and working with you to create a shoe that fits you and your sense of style perfectly. With each pair taking up to 40 hours to make, these are the sort of shoes that will last a lifetime.

And not to worry, having designed shoes for Akira Isogawa and Pigs In Space, McDonald is very good at keeping up with current trends.

For more info visit Portrait by Bob Barker

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